Fusion教程 Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季完整版


Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季本教程是关于Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季,时长:5小时,大小:1.6 GB,教程使用软件:Fusion 9,共5个章节,作者:Rony Soussan,语言:英语。 CLASS 1: GETTING STARTED The interface, using nodes and viewers all the way to render. CLASS 2: MERGES Resolution independent and coordinates system in Fusion and how that affects the basic composition structure. You will complete your first simple comp using these paradigms. CLASS 3: STRUCTURED COMPOSITION Using multi-passes, channel mapping, alpha multiply and divide workflows, depth tools and more. CLASS 4: ROTO How matte operations are acommplished and the types of roto tools from spline shapes to paint. You will experiment with different roto techniques on the same subject and learn about how all of these methods work together to build comprehensive roto workflow. CLASS 5: ROTO & MATTES A practical example using all the roto methods to extract a car from the background using roto and some more advanced techniques like planar and point trackers. 壹盘资源提供《Fusion教程 Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季》完整版下载,《Fusion教程 Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季》完整版来源于网络,不是本站原创,我们只是网络搬运工。我们把各种资源集中在一起只是为了方便大家查找。如有色情、暴力、侵权等,请发邮件到report(AT)yipan.ga举报,本站收到后会尽快删除相关资源。
壹盘资源 Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季.rar (1.69GB)
壹盘资源 Fusion特效合成基础工作流程视频教程第一季.rar (1.69GB)